Scalp micropigmentation utilizes a sophisticated type of tattoo machine with a needle. For people uncomfortable with needles, this experience is very intimidating. To others, the process doesn’t seem painful at all.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, so the experience will vary from person to person. While everyone experiences mild discomfort during scalp micropigmentation, the good news is that the pain is by no means unbearable for most people.

The medical expert performing your treatment is typically a highly trained cosmetic professional, so they know how to look after you. If you experience more discomfort than expected, they can take safe action to reduce scalp micropigmentation pain.

Let’s further explore what you can expect.

What You Can Expect From Scalp Micropigmentation Pain

Scalp micropigmentation is a process by which a cosmetic specialist uses an electric tool to create tiny dot-like incisions in the scalp. These incisions are then filled with a plant-based pigment to replicate the look of hair follicles.

There are several factors that contribute to how uncomfortable you might be during the procedure. Let’s break these down.

Dot Size

The size of the dots created to imitate hair follicles plays a role in scalp pigmentation pain levels. The size of the dots can vary to cater to your individual needs. Smaller dots cause less discomfort than larger ones for obvious reasons – a smaller wound is not as painful as a larger one.

Sensitive Areas

Typically, the scalp area closest to the face is the most sensitive. These zones include the hairline, temples, and crown of the head. You will likely experience more discomfort while this area is being worked on by your cosmetic specialist.

The work in this area may even trigger reactions from other senses. Your eyes may water and you may feel the need to sneeze. Don’t worry if this happens; it is a normal reaction to the treatment.

Technician Training

Your professional has been trained to cause as little discomfort as possible. Specialists use numbing cream and the correct health and safety equipment to help minimize scalp pigmentation pain and any complications.

Post-Treatment Discomfort

You may also feel a dull discomfort after treatment due to the incisions made on the scalp. The area may also itch as it begins to heal. Be careful not to scratch it, as you could remove the implanted pigment.

How to Minimize Your Discomfort

One of the best ways to lessen scalp micropigmentation pain is to practice mind over matter and arrive at your appointment in a calm state. If you are worried, tense, anxious, and nervous, your senses will be heightened, making you feel more discomfort.

If you struggle during the procedure, you can ask to take a break.

It is best to accept that there will be a little discomfort, and yes, there are needles and whirring sounds involved. The discomfort will be so worth it when you see how much fuller your head of hair looks!

Some Final Thoughts

Scalp micropigmentation pain is minimal compared to other procedures such as scalp reduction surgery. Just try to keep calm and distract yourself from overthinking it; focus on the amazing results you’ll enjoy long-term rather than the brief discomfort you’ll experience during the procedure.



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