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While slowly changing, women have long associated hair as an integral part of their femininity and beauty. When a woman begins to experience hair loss, it is pretty stressful. The reasons for hair loss in women have to do with hormonal fluctuations, stress, medical condition, alopecia and sometimes genetics. Many women notice hair line recession after menopause. Unless the condition is alopecia, it is less likely for women to experience full hair loss and more likely that they see recession at the hair line or thinning over the entire head. When this is the case, our artists build hair density in and around the affected area(s), with a focus on eliminating the appearance of the scalp. When done this way, a woman can continue to style her hair as she likes and go on to live a busy life without worry about the thinning hair being noticeable. Should her hair loss reverse, as it often will, the treatment simply blends with the regrowth and there is no harm to the skin or impact on the follicles. In fact, the act of SMP sometimes can stimulate some follicles into regrowth when the hair loss is not permanent.

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Lead artist and owner of Restoration Ink, Shannan specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation for Women. This includes but not limited to Density Treatment. This services offers the realistic look of denser, thicker hair.

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