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Some men lose their hair at an early age, usually because of genetics. However, it turns out that most men will experience hair loss by mid to late life. Because of this, it’s no wonder why the hair loss solution industry is so massive.  At long last, there is finally a hair loss protocol that delivers what it promises.  No false claims or costly disappointments. No surgery, no daily maintenance. Scalp Micropigmentation, known as SMP, is the practice of tattooing micro follicles into the scalp skin to give the illusion of a shaved head, or hair density. SMP can be done over an entire scalp, or in localized areas.  At Top Scalp we are extensively experienced working with clients with varying degrees of hair loss, including women and individuals with alopecia. If we are working on a full head, we design a hairline that best pronounces the client’s features. If the treatment is a partial area of the scalp, we blend the work in so seamlessly someone standing right next to you won’t even notice. The realism is amazing. Work is meticulous, gentle and downtime is minimal.

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Scalp Micropigmentation

scalp micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation and hairline restoration



Scalp micropigmentation works in a way that provides the illusion of budding hairs on the scalp. The result is the appearance of a shaved scalp.  Many men and even women are opting for the look because of its popularity among high profile celebrities. The treatment can be done in and around thinning hair to achieve the look of density and detract from the scalp skin. SMP can be successfully done over scarring, rendering the scar practically invisible. In fact, Scalp Micropigmentation is so versatile, the time will come when you will have forgotten you had thinning hair and/or scars.

Every customer has unique and different skin properties and complexities. This treatment is done after a complete assessment and in line with client goals. If you have hair that you aren’t ready to shave, no problem, we will work to blend existing hair with the work. If your hair loss is temporary, there is no harm whatsoever, as we use top of the line all-natural pigments and equipment. If you are ready to shave what hair you have remaining and have an SMP treatment, your scalp will be transformed with a stylish just-shaved look. 



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