James W. - Greenville, SC

Client wanted to repair his hairline and side profiles & wanted it soft and natural.  After the 1st session client looked in the mirror and said, "Now that's it right there!"  He texted us and said "It's the best thing I have done for myself and I no longer wear a hat when I go out. The wife loves it!"

Alan C. - Atlanta, GA

A US military veteran who started losing hair in his early 20's. Client was a Norwood 6 and needed full head SMP.  Client sends text...."Ray I love it....Everyone at work just asked me if I was growing my hair out, I told them I was using a new razor, best decision ever!  I am glad I chose Top Scalp Micro"

Brad A. - Asheville, NC

Client who spent $25,000 on a hair transplant and had a strip scar. "I did my research and when I realized Top Scalp Micro was in my area I gave them a call.  After I met with Ray for consultation and looked at his work, and also learned that he was trained and certified in NYC at Scalp Micro USA, I knew he was the man for me.  He did an amazing job on my scalp and my strip scar is no longer a burden to me.  I encourage anyone to call Top Scalp Micro!"

Andy W. - Charlotte, NC

"I started researching SMP 3 months ago and was looking at a company in Atlanta and also in my hometown of Charlotte, NC until I came across Top Scalp Micro online.  I went to their website and decided to give them a call.  After meeting with Ray and seeing the difference in his company and his results I decided to book with Top Scalp Micro.  I have completed my 2nd treatment and my head looks amazing. I am glad I went to Top Scalp Micro, It was well worth the 2 hour drive!"

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