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Matt Iulo - Scalp Micro USA
As one of our Certified Trained Partner Locations, you are getting an Excellent provider in the Asheville area. You're in good hands with Ray!
John Chandler - Scalp Co. SMP
I had the privilege of training Ray Diaz at our Scalp Co. Academy Advanced Technician course in Orlando. Not only is he a great person he's a solid Scalp Micropigmentation technician. Look out for great things from this particular artist!
David - Atlanta, GA
I actually drove 3 hours to Top Scalp Micro and I am glad that I did. It was well worth it. Ray was very friendly, professional, and pays close attention to detail. I would recommend Top Scalp to anyone!
Dr. B - Asheville, NC
SMP offers an end to the balding blues. I had hair transplants years ago and it provided some improvement but the hair density was weak and it left scars. The scalp micropigmentation performed by Top Scalp in three sessions effectively darkened the areas between the transplant grafts and camouflaged the scars. Ray is skilled, professional, and personable. I had a great experience and enthusiastically recommend Top Scalp to anyone!
Ken - Charlotte, NC
After dealing with my thinning hair for several years, I was grateful that I discovered SMP. Out of the many SMP professionals I could have gone with, I chose Top Scalp Micro. Ray is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and great at what he does. He is very thorough and has excellent attention to detail. Ray being an actual nurse is a major plus and was one of the ultimate reasons I decided to go with him. Great work by a great guy.
Jay - Columbia, SC
Ray is a life saver! I had no hairline and was balding very bad. After getting work done at Top Scalp Micro I'm a new man! It looks completely natural even my closest friends and family think I have a head full of real hair. I recommend anybody that needs smp to go to Top Scalp.
Mike - Hendersonville, NC
I am so amazed at the effectiveness of this treatment. My hair looks much much fuller after 2 short sessions. It was incredibly cost-effective compared with surgery. Ray was great to work with and fun to talk to. I would highly recommend meeting up with him to discuss doing it.

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